MPOWER® Glyphosate®

Quickly becoming the glyphosate of choice for growers across Canada.

  • Group 9 mode of action.
  • Excellent broad spectrum weed control of annual and perennial weeds.
  • Registered for use in glyphosate tolerant crops.
  • Registered for aerial application.

MPower Glyphosate Specifications:

  • 360 g/L of the active ingredient glyphosate
  • Formulated as an isopropylamine salt
  • Full surfactant load of 15%
  • Sourced globally from several glyphosate manufacturers direct to your farm
  • Currently available in 3 container sizes:
  • 115 Litre drums weighing approx 320 lbs / packaged 5 drums per pallet
  • 640 Litre totes weighing approx 1,800 lbs
  • 1,000 Litre totes weighing approx 2,750 lbs

What’s all the fuss about surfactant levels in glyphosate? Many farmers hear the terms “partially loaded” versus “fully loaded” when talking about surfactant levels in glyphosate. Fully loaded glyphosate products contain 15% surfactant as part of the formulation. Partially loaded glyphosate products contain lower levels of surfactant (5-7% for example).

What’s the difference?

1. COST: Let’s face it, surfactants can cost as much or more as the actual glyphosate, so some manufacturers cut back on surfactant to make the product cheaper. Great for the cost, but what about performance?

2. PERFORMANCE: When it is a beautiful, sunny day, 20 degrees Celsius, with great growing conditions, plenty of moisture and not a cloud in the sky, the majority of glyphosate products will do an adequate job of controlling the weeds. The challenge for growers is that when you need to spray, you NEED to spray. You can’t wait for conditions to be ‘ideal.’ Surfactants contribute significantly to the performance of glyphosate, and choosing a product with a full surfactant load will provide the best weed control under challenging conditions. Surfactants enhance the movement of glyphosate from the leaf surface into the plant tissue.