MPOWER® HellCat®

The only thing running wild in your fields this year should be this cat.

MPower® HellCat® contains the active ingredient “fenoxaprop” – the same active ingredient as found in products like Puma® Super, WildCat™, Bengal®, and Cordon™ – and is available at the market leading price.

  • Group 1 mode of action.
  • Excellent grassy weed control.
  • Wide window of application.
  • Tank-mixable for one-shot weed control.

MPower HellCat provides excellent weed control in all types of wheat, durum, and barley. Maximize your crop’s protection from:

  • Wild Oats (1-6 leaf; up to emergence of 3rd tiller)
  • Green Foxtail/Wild Millet (1-6 leaf; up to emergence of 3rd tiller)
  • Barnyard Grass (1-6 leaf; up to emergence of 3rd tiller)

MPower HellCat can be tank-mixed with a wide variety of broad-leaf herbicides:

  • Buctril® M • Curtail® M • 2,4-D/MCPA • Dyvel®
  • Refine Extra® • Estaprop® • Thumper® • Lontrel®

Consult your provincial Crop Protection Guide for more information on how to use products containing fenoxaprop.

MPower HellCat Specifications:

  • Registered in wheat/durum/barley
  • 120 g/L of fenoxaprop
  • Packaged in 6.2 Litre jugs
  • 2 jugs in each case
  • Each jug treats 20 acres at the label rate
  • Each case treats 40 acres at the label rate
  • Also available in a 99.2 Litre drum (treats 500 acres) or a 620 Litre tote (treats 2,000 acres)