MPOWER® Kamikaze®

Set your sights on better broadleaf weed control in field peas!

MPower® Kamikaze® contains the active ingredient “imazethapyr” – the same active ingredient found in products like Pursuit®, Phantom™ and MultiStar™ – and is available at the market leading price.

  • Group 2 mode of action.
  • Excellent broadleaf weed control.
  • Apply early to protect crop yield.
  • Active on the roots and foliage of weeds.

MPower Kamikaze provides excellent broadleaf weed control in field peas. Maximize your crop’s protection from:

  • Stinkweed • Wild Mustard • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Redroot Pigweed • Wild Buckwheat • Smartweed
  • Cleavers • Chickweed • Volunteer Canola (non-Clearfield varieties)

Consult your provincial Crop Protection Guide for more information on how to use products containing imazethapyr.

MPower Kamikaze Specifications:

  • Registered in field peas
  • 240 g/L of imazethapyr
  • Packaged in 3.3 Litre jugs
  • 2 jugs in each case
  • Each jug treats 40 acres at the label rate
  • Non-ionic surfactant is required and can be purchased separately
  • Agral® 90 and AgSurf® are examples of surfactants that can be used